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Series Abstract, paintings:

The artistic language which has emerged in his more recent period is complex and mainly abstract. In many of his paintings, Peter Gospodinov experiments with colour. The layers and shades of colors and the depth of the painted surface resemble a magical transformation of matter. Time is preserved in layers and Peter Gospodinov often waits for longer periods until he adds more paint to a picture or repaints it. For him this is a process which in principle never ends. In his abstract works he uses mainly acrylic paint, which she approaches like watercolor, breathing life into his paintings. Inspired by the natural world he makes abstract landscapes composed of colors, surfaces and lines. The shimmering colored areas are superimposed and transparent and are accentuated by lines and white light reflecting fields of color. Those works are characterized by unique lightness and movement achieved by harmonious combinations of bright color surfaces and lines set against white backgrounds.
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